BCS Level 4 Software Development

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1. A software application used by the general public has been found to have a security weakness. The project team will include security domain experts. At which stages in the development will it be the MOST important to involve the domain experts?

  • Design, testing.
  • Initiation, implementation / deployment.
  • Feasibility study, code development.
  • Requirements analysis, maintenance
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2. Which one of the following is a software developer's main contribution to the initial project cost estimation?

  • dentifying the deployment platform
  • Impact assessment of project changes
  • Providing an assessment of required time
  • Forecasting of testing requirements

3. Which statement describes the use of the V-Model software development method in the software development lifecycle (SDLC)?

  • Each of the seven stages are performed iteratively before moving onto the next stage with verification and validation performed in the testing stage
  • Each stage of the SDLC has a corresponding verification and validation stage.
  • All seven stages of SDLC are performed for each iteration, with verification and validation performed in the final stage.
  • The first three stages are performed once then verified and validated. The following four stages are iterative.

4. Which one of the following is viewed as a ‘benefit’ when using prototyping as a development method?

  • A formal test strategy is implemented.
  • The level of documentation is thorough
  • The pace of development is fast.
  • All non-functional requirements are implemented

5. A company is developing application software for use by the general public using the Scrum Methodology. Which of the following will NOT be a responsibility of the Scrum Master?

  • Lead the development team
  • Help the development team to achieve their goals.
  • Remove impediments from the team.
  • Shield the team from interruptions during the sprint.


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