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What is respiration?
The release of energy from food
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What does respiration do?
It provides energy for things like growth and movement
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What does photosynthesis do?
Make food and energy available to the rest of the food chain
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What are enzymes?
Proteins that speed up chemical reactions
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What two things do all enzymes have?
Optimum temperature and pH
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What does aerobic respiration require?
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When does anaerobic respiration take place?
When there's a lack of oxygen
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What does the cell membrane do?
Regulates what enters and leaves cells
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How do oxygen and carbon dioxide move around cells?
They move in and out by diffusion
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Where are enzymes assembled?
In the cytoplasm
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What are enzymes assembled from?
Instructions in the genes
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What does an enzyme work with?
Only one type of substrate
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What is the mechanism for an enzyme substrate complex called?
Lock and key mechanism
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What happens to enzyme activity as the temperature increases?
It increases up to a point
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What absorbs the energy for photosynthesis?
The chemical chlorophyll in chloroplasts
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What are the products of photosynthesis?
Glucose and oxygen
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What is diffusion?
The movement of molecules from an area of high to low concentration
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What is osmosis?
A special form of diffusion only involving water
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How is water moved into plant roots?
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Does anaerobic or aerobic respiration produce more energy?
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What can high temperatures and extreme pHs do to enzymes?
Denature them
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What does active transport use?
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Why is active transport needed?
Plant roots need it to get nitrates from the soil
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What does respiration do?


It provides energy for things like growth and movement

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What does photosynthesis do?


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What are enzymes?


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What two things do all enzymes have?


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