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1. According to Bowlby's theory of attachment, what is Monotrophy?

  • The idea of forming one attachment
  • The idea of forming many attachments
  • The physical or behavioural features of a baby that make the adults want to care for the baby.
  • The idea of that forming an attachment is an innate tendency
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2. What type of attachment is most common in collective cultures, according to Ainsworth's Strange Situation?

  • Insecure Resistant
  • Unknown
  • Insecure Avoidant
  • Secure

3. What did Ainsworth want to test in her experiment, "The Strange Situation"?

  • Monotrophy and the internal working model
  • Secure base, stranger anxiety, separation anxiety and reunion behaviour
  • Separation anxiety and reunion behaviour
  • Secure base and emotional support from caregiver

4. What are the 3 types of attachment (according to Ainsworth's Strange Situation)?

  • Insecure, Insecure Rejection and Insecure distress
  • Insecure, secure and avoidant
  • Secure, Insecure Avoidant and Insecure Resistant
  • Insecure, secure and indifferent
  • Secure, Really Secure and Really Really Secure

5. How did Bowlby describe the amount of time a baby has to form an attachment with its primary attachment figure (normally the mother)?

  • Critical period
  • Monotrophy
  • Time of attachment
  • Maternal deprivation


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