Aristophanes and Cleon

1. Which of Aristophanes' plays was the most direct attack on Cleon?

  • Peace
  • The Knights
  • The Frogs
  • The Acharnians
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2. Who was Cleon?

  • A prominent politician
  • A pro-war army general
  • Athens' most skilled naval commander
  • Aristophanes estranged brother

3. Why was Cleon unsuccessful in prosecuting Aristophanes?

  • Aristophanes had the most expensive lawyer in Athens at the time
  • Playwrights could not be prosecuted for what anything said in a play
  • Playwrights were paid to attack and undermine politicians like Cleon
  • The Assembly did not like Cleon for blackmailing the Athenian citizens

4. What reputation did Cleon have?

  • Loud, obnoxious and easily offended.
  • Quiet, shy and timid in the Assembly.
  • A coward in battle but brave at sea.
  • Funny, confident and intelligent.

5. Why did Cleon attempt to prosecute Aristophanes over one of his plays?

  • The play was a personal attack on Cleon's wife
  • The play revealed many of Assembly's secrets to foreign ambassadors
  • The play had disgraced Athens in front of foreign ambassadors
  • The play was a direct and personal attack on Cleon


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