AQA Dance GCSE Rosas Danst Rosas

A quick quiz based on a few of the key facts you need to know if you are studying Rosas Danst Rosas for your Critical Appreciation of Dance written AQA exam in GCSE.

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  1. Who was the choreographer of Rosas Danst Rosas?

  2. The company which performed the piece was Rosas

  3. Who created the accompaniment?

  4. Three features of the accompaniment were

  5. What date was the STAGE version first performed?

  6. What date was the FILM version performed?

  7. What staging was the film version?

  8. How many dancers were in the film version?

  9. One of the dance styles was post-modern

  10. The themes of the dance were...



thanks  - very helpful


your wrong on the film version it was filmed in 1997

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