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2. The word "revealed", is sung....?

  • only by the altos
  • melismatically
  • only by the sopranos
  • syllabically

3. What are the main textures?

  • Polyphonic (contrapuntal) and monophonic
  • Homophonic and heterophonic
  • Homophonic and polyphonic (contrapuntal)
  • Homophonic and monophonic

4. What type of work is "The Messiah"?

  • Oratorio
  • Aria
  • Opera
  • Symphony

5. What is a hemiola?

  • Two bars of 3/4 made to sound like three bars of 2/4
  • A change in time signature
  • Three bars of 2/4 made to sound like two bars of 3/4
  • A change in key signature


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