All Contract Cases (Abridged for Quick Testing)

The Achilleas
Hale: mitigate
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The Marmola Challeger
Make good your loss
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Chaplin v Hicks
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Anglia Television v Reed
Choose - loss of profit/wasted expenditure
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Chappell v Times Newspaper
Cannot enforce service contract
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True deposit
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Societe Generale v Geys
Workers relationship re-evaluate (enforce contract)
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Balfour Beatty
Edinburgh concrete/electricity
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Parson's Livestock
Pigs - as if the contract had been performed
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Exceptional national security
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Wrotham Park
Blake - but compensatory damages
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Cavendish Square
Pre-estimation of the loss - not Q of penal
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Victoria Laundry
Foreseeable depends on knowledge and that can be imputed
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Heron II
Reid: unlikely to occur/a real danger/on the cards. Morris: cannot get away with it for it by saying merely aware of the possibility
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Golden Straight Corp
Compensation cannot exceed the value of the contract
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Hadley Baxendale
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Farley v Skinner
Airport by house - pleasurable amenity - incovenience/mental suffering. Cannot doubly recover
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Alfred McAlpine v Panatown
Goff: husband repair wife's roof - T should be entitled to benefit. T has a side agreement in contract so B cannot claim for Linden Garden Trust damages
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Ruxley Electronics v Forsyth
Pool; cost of cure; not just as good; amenity
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Bolton v Mahadera
10% and emissions - high level of defective performance
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Hoenig v Isaacs
Redecorating - performance minus cost of cure
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Cutler v Powell
Jamaica - payment requires completion of trip - would be decided differently under the LRA (Frustrated Contracts)
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Sumpter v Hedges
Entire agreement but can claim for materials left on site
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Explicit/Implicit renunciation = textbook
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The Pro Victor
Refusal at root of the contract, clear and reasonable
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Hong Kong Fir Shipping
Deprived of substantially the whole benefit
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The Seaflower
Conditions (1) statute (2) precedent (3) designated in contract (4) nature of subject matter
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Planks 8/16 vs 9/16 - trivial breach
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Reardon Smith
Hull - trivial breach
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Bunge Corporation
Sea-worthiness vs time of the essence
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Schuler AG v Wickman
Word condition is not enough
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The Hansa Nord
Pulp pellets - trivial breach of innominate term
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Decro Wall
Historically agreed time - breach not serious enough
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International Card Company
After repudiation cannot act in a way inconsistent with the chosen course of action
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Workers demanded extra wages - not in force majeure clause
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Super Servant Two
Defines frustration: object to achieve justice, kills the contract, must result from extraneous change, no fault
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Taylor v Caldwell
Concert hall - Blackburn: implied term approach (non existence of subject matter)
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Davis Contractors
8 -> 22 months. Implied terms are artificial. Fundamental change of nature of obligations
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Hall v Wright
Marriage - consumption of the lungs - no frustration
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Graves v Cohen
Racehorse owner - relationship - frustrates
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Hare v Murphy Brothers
Sentencing - frustrates
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Krell v Henry
Coronation - taxi example - pointless - frustrates
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Herne-Bay Steamship
Risk is with contractor. Still a fleet
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Suez Canal nut shipment
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Maritime National Fish
3/5 licences - self induced - no frustration
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The Sea Angel
If foreseeable it is unlikely to frustrate
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BP Exploration (Libya) v Hunt
LRA (Frustrated Contracts) 1943 section 1(3) - unjust enrichment. Identify value of benefit and assess just sum
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Legitimate interest in penal £85 charge
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Photo Production
UCTA - if equal bargaining can apportion risk themselves
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HIH Security
Public policy against excluding liability for fraud
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Husband - actual undue influence
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Undue influence: wrong to prefer your own interest
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Undue influence: evidential burden is the difference between actual and presumed
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Wright v Carter
Undue influence: solicitor and client - limb 1
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Allcard v Skinner
Undue influence: doctor and patient - limb 1
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Roche v Sherrington
Undue influence: spiritual leader - limb 1
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Re Craig
Undue influence: widower and housekeeper - limb 1 - transaction out of the ordinary
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Rainy Sky
Unambiguous language of the contract must apply - construction consistent with business common sense
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Abbey National v Stringer
Undue influence: Italian mother - generational
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Signing = bound even if you haven't read the contract
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Timesheet is not a contract (merely administrative)
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Tilden Rent-a-car
No consent because they knew they hadn't read the contract
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Olley v Marlborough
Notice at time of contract - hotel liability
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Parker v South Eastern Rail
Cloakroom ticket - have you seen the writing?
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Unusual/onerous so must notify
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AEG v Logic Resource
Only right to return so mustn't have to pay
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O'Brien v MGN
Scratchcard - not onerous - little done to achieve
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Transocean Drilling
Clear exclusion clause
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Chesterhall v Finney Stock Seeds
Move away from court interference. Here, terms not incorporated, breach was due to negligence, F could insure against crop failure
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D-G Fair Trading v First International Bank
Any requirement of good faith must be rejected
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Watford Electronics
Equal bargaining power so parties are the best judge of commercial fairness
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Couchman v Hill
Term = important (unserved cow)
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Oscar Chess v Williams
1948/1939 = representation because equal knowledge
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**** Bentley Productions
20k=100k - term because special knowledge and skills
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Slater v Finning
Term implied by statute - SoGA section 14 (reasonably fit for purpose - idiosyncrasy)
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A-G Belize v Belize Telecom
Hoffmann: implied term will go without saying (business efficacy.
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The Moorcock
Business efficacy test for implied terms
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M&S v BNP Panbas Securities
Old tests are the best - Business efficacy has a value judgement; officious bystander is reasonable; merges interpretation and implication
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Trump International Golf Club
Hodge: interpretation = context we imply into. Objective construction
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Liverpool CC v Irwin
CA (Denning) reasonable to imply the term; HL (Wilberforce) necessary to imply. Denning gives too much discretion.
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Not necessity, reasonableness, fairness, policy reasons to imply
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ICS v West Bromwich
Meaning to the reasonable person within matrix of fact
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Arnold v Britton
Interpretation of a contract taken from the natural ordinary meaning; overall purpose; facts; common sense
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Lovell & Christmas v Wall
Evidence only taken in so far as it translates the meaning (interpretation)
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Static Control v Egan
Civil procedure rules - stop floodgates opening (Parole Evidence Rule)
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George Wimpey v VI Components
"Overage". Inexperienced party, not wilfully ignorant of W's mistake
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Templiss Property
Rectification - knew that the contract did not reflect the agreement
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Peekay Intermark
Signed the contract = bound
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Zurich Insurance v Hayward
So long as the misrepresentation is A reason does not have to be the SOLE reason. Material inducement is strongly inferred to be causative.
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Cassa di Rispamio
Silence is not itself a misrepresentation
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Esso v Mardon
Collateral promise taken from an opinion (in which we might assume there was factual basis)
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Howard Marine v Ogden
No rectification - barges - D not diligent and had not investigated
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Royscot Trust
Innocent misrepresentation covered by section 2(1) of Misrep Act
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Doyle v Olby
All damages that flow from the inducement - do not have to be foreseen
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William Sindall v Cambridge
£6million loss vs £18,000 loss. Disproportionate.
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Salt v Stratstone Specialist
New car - rescission
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Whittington v Seale Hayne
Poultry premises - good sanitary condition - D pays an indemnity against the cost
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T receives rent, L receives value of the land on rescission
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Walford v Miles
No duty of good faith - repugnant to adversarial style. Too uncertain. Exclusivity agreement will work so long as period is defined.
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Robbins v Jones
No duty to disclose facts
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Post-Chartbrook test: (1) common continuing intention (2) existed at time of signing (3) assessed objectively (4) by mistake the contract did not reflect common intention
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Swainland Builders
Must show (1) common intention (2) outward accord (3) intention continued at time of execution (4) by mistake contract did not reflect
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Both wrong, believing consensus; reasonable person believes overage not payable; D never intended to pay; O intended that they should pay - rectification allowed
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Cundy v Linsay
Handkerchiefs - a real company
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King's Norton Metal
Brass wire - a fake company
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Brennan v Bolt Burden
Mistake of law - void if serious
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The Great Peace
Only void if mistake makes the obligations radically different
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Associated Japanese Bank
Mistake must render obligations essentially and radically different
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Bell v Lever Brothers
Mistake must make obligations fundamentally different
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Shogun Finance
PvB limited to face to face. Millett: you intend to deal with the rogue and Cundy should be overruled.
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Lewis v Averay
Misrepresentation - car sold to a third party, so could not be voided for fraud
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Boulton v Jones
Writing a book - identity is key
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Smith v Hughes
Cockburn - not what a man of top morals would do. Blackburn - warranty. What a reasonable man would think he was assenting to
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Ingram v Little
Identity is of the upmost importance
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Phillips v Brooks
Jewellery - contracting with the person in front of them
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New York Star
Himalaya clause in English law
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the Eurymedon
Himalayaa clause - unilateral contract that T accepts on performance
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Smith v LHPC
Facts not equally known to the parties - the knowledgable party's opinion will be presumed to be based on facts that justify them
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Jackson v Horizon Holidays
Wife and child allowed to recover for disappointment suffered (anti Beswick)
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Dunlop Tyres
Must be inside the contract to sue
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Woodar v Wimpy
B can get compensation for personal loss from A but not for T's loss. If B cannot show loss, A is off the hook - controversial.
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the Mahkutai
Exclusive jurisdiction clause vs exclusion clauses - EJC does not confer pure benefit on C - it is both benefit and burden
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the Starsin
Cannot benefit yourself under a Himalaya clause
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Nisshin Shipping
Assent needs to be communicated by T to A
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Beswick v Beswick
Specific performance available where nominal damages would be the only other recourse (or would have to apply every week for arbitration)
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Dolphin Maritime
Agent has no rights (where A will pay B directly or through agent C)
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'Description of a party' under the Rights of Third Parties Act must be clear
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Gordon Ramsay v Love
Automatic signing - all that matters is that he made the order
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Raffles v Wichelhaus
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Foakes v Beer
Generous creditor - in absence of a deed will not be bound
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Williams v Roffey
Increasing pact - consideration through a practical benefit conferred
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British Steel v Cleveland Bridge
No contract but remuneration for market value of goods. Either an ordinary executory contract or an if contrac
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Hillas v Arcos
Russian timber "of fair specification" void on the grounds of uncertainty
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May & Butcher
Canvas - no price agreed. Void for uncertainty.
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Reasonable endeavours - have to explain the sudden change. Leveson (dissent) - always uncertain.
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Ward v Byham
Father £1 - not just performing statutory duty
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Eastwood v Kenyon
Gratuitous - no legal obligation
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Chappell v Nestle
Simmons - valueless. Reid - records not in their usual course of business.
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Shah v Shah
No witness to a deed. Can be cured by delivery.
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MWB v Rock Advertising
Variation and v Kemp consideration. Practical benefit. Breach
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D&C v Rees
Cheque is not fresh consideration
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High Trees
Where a third party part pays, and (critically) gains assurance that the rest of the debt falls away, it gives rise to promissory estoppel
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Alan v El Nasr
£ vs Kenyan S. Fresh terms make binding variation.
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Baird Textiles v M&S
Commercial contract; no promise; so intent is irrelevant
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Hadley v Kemp
Band - no intention to share publishing rights
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Balfour v Balfour
No intent to create legal relations between husband and wife
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Merritt v Merritt
Intent to create legal relations where marriage was on the rocks
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Jones v Padavatton
Daughter can be evicted. Balfour rule? Salmon: had been a valid contract but it had expired after a reasonable period
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RTS v Miller
Subject to contract would be highly formalistic where the contract is all but signed
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Parker v Clark
Senior couple/junior couple - 1/3 house - intent to create legal relations
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Blackpool v Fylde Aero Club
Obligations - consider each tender; ignore if invalid; deadline applied; invitation binding.
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Barry v Davies
Collateral contract for difference between the bid and market value. No promise to sell, no consideration, bid is only discretionary.
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Mondial Shipping
Withdrawal by telex, delivered after business hours. Receipt when office next opens.
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Silence is not acceptance.
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Telex = acceptance when communicated
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Telex = acceptance when received/communicated
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Dickinson v Dodds
Direct or indirect withdrawal of an offer is sufficient
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Moran v University of Salford
Named offeree in good faith. Compensation for breach
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Shogun Finance
No contract if C knows it wasn't for him
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Butler Machine
Battle of forms - counter offer kills original offer. Bridge: last shot fired.
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Traditional rules of offer and acceptance in battle of the forms
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Hyde v Wrench
Landale: can't revive a dead offer
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Harvela Investments
Presumption for a fixed bid auction. Only named one price. Lower unilateral contract extinguished.
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PSGB v Boots
Somervell: goods on shelf are only an invitation to treat
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Fur piece. Once accepted, you cannot add new or arbitrary conditions
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Gibson v Manchester CC
A formal invitation for applications from P, not traditional offer and acceptance
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Carlill Carbolic Smoke Ball
Promisee objectivity; unilateral; no notification
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Tamplin v James
Pub with gardens
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Scrieven Brothers
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Promissory estoppel
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