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2. In a simile how is Pallas' death described?

  • Like a violet cut down
  • Like a daffodil cut down by the thumb of a young girl
  • Like a poppy cut down

3. Why does Diomedes, Aeneas' great enemy at Troy, refuse to fight against his old adversary now?

  • He is too old to fight and worn out
  • He recognises Aeneas' destiny is to settle down in Italy
  • He wants to put past conflicts behind him

4. What does Evander tell Aeneas he must now do?

  • Make peace with Latins
  • Avenge the death of Pallas
  • Hold a 12 day truce

5. Turnus responds by offering to fight Aeneas in single combat. What happens next to galvanise support for Turnus?

  • The Trojans and Etruscans attack and Turnus says Drances is a coward who cannot support his claims with actions
  • The gods intervene and Juno takes Turnus away from the battlefield
  • Latinus intervenes and says that the Trojans will accept his plan to help them settle down


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