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I love
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J'aime beaucoup
I like a lot
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I like
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J'aime assez
I quite like
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Je n'aime pas beaucoup
I don't like much
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Je n'aime pas
I don't like
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Je n'aime pas du tout
I don't like at all
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Je déteste
I hate
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J'ai adoré
I loved
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J'ai beaucoup aimé
I liked a lot
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J'ai aimé
I liked
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J'ai aimé assez
I quite liked
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Je n'ai pas aimé beaucoup
I didn't like much
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Je n'ai pas aimé
I didn't like
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Je n'ai pas aimé du tout
I didn't like at all
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J'ai détesté
I hated
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Je préfère
I prefer
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Je préférerais
I would prefer
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Je voudrais
I would like
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J'ai préféré
I preferred
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À mon avis
In my opinion
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In my opinion
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Je pense que
I think that
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Je crois que
I believe that
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Je trouve que
I find that
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Je dois admettre que
I must admit that
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Il me paraît que
It seems to me that
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J'estime que
I reckon that
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Je considère que
I consider that
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Pour moi
For me
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Je (ne) suis (pas) d'accord avec
I (do not) agree with
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Je (ne) suis (pas) opposé(e) à
I am (not) opposed to
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J'ai pensé que
I thought that
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J'ai cru que
I believed that
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J'ai trouvé que
I found that
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Il me paraissait que
It seemed to me that
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J'ai estimé que
I reckoned that
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J'ai considéré que
I considered that
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Je (n')étais (pas) d'accord avec
I did(n't) agree with
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Je (n')étais (pas) opposé(e) à
I was(n't) opposed to
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I like a lot


J'aime beaucoup

Card 3


I like


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Card 4


I quite like


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Card 5


I don't like much


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