A2 OCR Biology Quiz F214

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1. A photosynthetic pigment is:

  • Molecules that absorb certain wavelengths whilst reflecting others
  • Molecules that reflect wavelengths
  • Molecules that only absorb one certain wavelength
  • They don't absorb green light
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2. What effect does very high temperature have on the rate of photosynthesis?

  • Active site of rubisco will become denatured so no longer able to accept CO2
  • Enzymes denature
  • More water loss from stomata
  • All of the above
  • Greater stress for the plant

3. Define "Autotroph"

  • An organism that uses the sun's energy to make compounds
  • An organism that synthesis complex organic molecules using a energy source and inorganic molecules
  • An organism that feeds on other complex organic matter
  • An organism that can synthesis its own food

4. Why is the equation that summaries photosynthesis, over-simplified?

  • All of the below
  • Does not account of intermediate processes used such as Calvin cycle
  • Does not show enzymes used in the reactions e.g. Rubisco
  • Does not show that ATP/energy is another product

5. A factor present in the least favourable amount is...?

  • A reducing factor
  • A liimiting factor
  • A limiting factor
  • A limit factor


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