A2 OCR Biology Quiz F214

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1. Why is the equation that summaries photosynthesis, over-simplified?

  • Does not show enzymes used in the reactions e.g. Rubisco
  • All of the below
  • Does not account of intermediate processes used such as Calvin cycle
  • Does not show that ATP/energy is another product
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2. Non-cyclic photophosphorylation...

  • Uses only photosystem II (p680)
  • Uses both photosystems
  • Uses only photosystem I (p700)
  • Does involve using a photosystem

3. Is Krebs cycle a part of photosynthesis?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Maybe

4. Calvin cycle doesn't work if

  • GP is not available
  • Oxygen is not available
  • Light is not available
  • Light is available

5. Define "Autotroph"

  • An organism that feeds on other complex organic matter
  • An organism that uses the sun's energy to make compounds
  • An organism that synthesis complex organic molecules using a energy source and inorganic molecules
  • An organism that can synthesis its own food


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