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2. Why are photosynthetic pigments arranged in a funnel shape?

  • Provide large surface area for electron carriers
  • To make a photosystem
  • To maximize light absorption and capture as much light as possible
  • To form an antenna complex.

3. Light independent stage takes place in the

  • Thylakoid
  • Grana
  • Stroma
  • Chlorophyll

4. Define "Photosynthesis"

  • Light energy from the sun is transformed into chemical potential energy which can be used to synthesis large organic molecules from inorganic molecules
  • Chemical energy used to hydrolyse complex organic matter
  • Light energy from the sun used to make kinetic energy
  • Light energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy which can be used to synthesis large inorganic molecules from organic molecules

5. Why is the equation that summaries photosynthesis, over-simplified?

  • Does not show enzymes used in the reactions e.g. Rubisco
  • Does not show that ATP/energy is another product
  • All of the below
  • Does not account of intermediate processes used such as Calvin cycle


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