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2. Why is the equation that summaries photosynthesis, over-simplified?

  • Does not show that ATP/energy is another product
  • All of the below
  • Does not show enzymes used in the reactions e.g. Rubisco
  • Does not account of intermediate processes used such as Calvin cycle

3. Why are photosynthetic pigments arranged in a funnel shape?

  • To make a photosystem
  • To maximize light absorption and capture as much light as possible
  • Provide large surface area for electron carriers
  • To form an antenna complex.

4. GP can be used to...

  • Form fatty acids and amino acids
  • Form glycerol
  • Make cellulose and starch
  • Make fats

5. TP can be converted into...

  • Fatty acids
  • Sugars
  • Hexose sugars
  • Amino acids


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