1795 - 1799 The Directory

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why did they need a constitution
avoid autocracy, appease bourgeoisie, improve economy and bring stability
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biased towards bourgeoisie, not representative, limited communication, awful paper money (magnates)
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Good intentions, came up with the treasury, considered issues long-term, moderate approach
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Main financial problem?
tried to go back to metal money
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what went wrong
confusion (tried to go back AGAIN through mandates), inflation and debasement
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what other economic developments
weights and measures standardised, taxation revised (Birenne)
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What was still present in France?
Royalism and Jacobinism
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When did General Hoche deal with some remaining royalists?
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What was one key issue, however (a rising)
Babeuf Conspiracy
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when was it
may 1796
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What was this?
campaign for 1793 constitution and rights for poor
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what was so bad
after economy, babeuf decided the best way to go was the Terror round 2
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How were they stopped
Info was leaked that an armed uprising was potentially in motion
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how was it all ended
babeuf and other leaders were guillotined in May 1797
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what was the issue with leadership
Since the Directory sought to limit individual power, no leaders stood out.
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what did yearly elections mean?
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what was the problem with coming up with laws?
No way to resolve conflict between legislature and executive
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when was the coup of Fructidor?
4th September 1797
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directory vs monarchist
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who fought
part of napoleons italian army
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emigres and refractory priests told to leave, vindictave legislation
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when was the coup of floreal?
11th May 1798
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directory vs jacobins
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Reinforced difficulties of operating the constitution of 1795
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when was the coup of prairial
18th June 1798
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sieyes and bonaparte
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part of army
joubert (paris)
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nearly utterly destroyed the directory
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part of army
joubert (paris)
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nearly utterly destroyed the directory
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What were the developments in the war with the British
France wanted to expand
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who quit the coalition
dutch, prussia and spain (peace)
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what did the french refuse from the austrians
non-direct negotiations
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under British pressure, what then?
Austria continued war
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How many armies arranged in conflict?
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and they were?
Vienna, the Rhine, and Italy
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which ones lost
Vienna and the Rhine
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what went on in Italy?
Napoleon named commander of army
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how did he win
sneaky sandwich formation
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What were given to france?
Nice and Savoy
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Where else did he take?
Mantua, Venice
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what next
wanted austria
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when was egypt expidition
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what did he take
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what nrly happened
loss @ battle of pyramids
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What year was the second coalition?
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What had angered the Tsar of Russia?
N's expulsion of the Knights of St. John from Malta
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Who was involved in the coalition?
Russia, Portugal, Britain, parts of Italy and Germany, Ottoman Empire
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Where did they invade?
Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands
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What was N's response?
Leave bulk of army in Egypt and heading back to France
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what did he sneak by?
Nelson's blockade
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When did he arrive home?
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What was the sit?
Russia had pulled out
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What was state of Directory
weak and discredited
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How was n seen, therefore?
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When was the coup of 19 brumaire?
9th November 1799
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Why was abbe sieyes involved
never supported 1795 constitution
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what dd he do
become director in May
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who was he in talks wth
joubert and military
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what went wrong
j died @ battle of novi
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by october (n), what was gaining strength?
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what was ironic
rs and js both saw napoleon as a saviour
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how was the directory seen
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name the 5 directors
barras, moulin, gohier, sieyes, ducos
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how did sieyes get n's bro, lucien, into the council?
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which council
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wot was the plan
persuade the directors to resign, and to persuade a new constitution to be drawn.
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who were sympathetic to coup
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what was the clevr plan
say there was a jacobin conspiracy to shift them from paris
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to get them to go to....
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what troops joined them to 'protect them'
napoleons paris troops + 6000 murat men
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what did sieyes and ducos do
resign to encourage others
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what was the final directory straw
talleyrand bullying Barras to resign
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what happened to the other 2
house arrest
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what did n do
lose all patience
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and sieyes
didnt liek it
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where did n go 1st
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they didnt rlly care
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so he moved to
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who saved sit
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palace guards to intervene, probably saying there was an assassination attempt against Napoleon
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what happened when the guards entered
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how did they appoint the consuls
lucien found some scared Ancients who cooperated
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who were the consuls
Sieyes, Ducos and First was N
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biased towards bourgeoisie, not representative, limited communication, awful paper money (magnates)

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