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2. what do singns and symptoms include?

  • Coughing Vomiting (worms may be visible in the vomit) Diarrhoea Lethargy Bloated abdomen Severe infestations can lead to secondary problems such as pneumonia when larval worms migrate into the lungs.
  • itching
  • reduced eating

3. Describe a roundworm

  • Long, round, worm which looks like white earthworms or strands of spaghetti
  • short
  • straight
  • brown

4. prevention of roundworm

  • Regular use of preventative treatments such as treatments applied directly to the animal’s fur/skin, tablets or liquids/pastes.
  • no prevention

5. Where is roundworm commonly found?

  • snakes
  • Commonly found in young cats (toxocara cati) and young dogs (toxocara canis).
  • lizards
  • horses




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