Writing to explain, descibe and inform

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Writing to describe

Can be writing to describe a memory or somebody. When writing to describe thoughts and feelings should be described, specifically sensory descriptions:

  • What can be heard?
  • Wha can be smelt?
  • What can be seen?
  • What can be felt?
  • What can be tasted?

This helps to allow the reader to enter the scene that you are talking about and creates imagery within their mind.

When writing to describe you should think about your eyes as a video camera and the content of your exam piece will be a selection of still moments from your video or experience. The different stills should be described thoroughly as well as forming a shape to the writing.

It is also helpful to use precise volcabulary meaning choosing "muscular" words instead of 2 or 3 adjectives to describe the noun. Examples:

  •  The water gushed out of the fountain
  • The rain spilled out of the heavens

The language choice is essenial to the final grade that you will gain, helpful A* language types are as followed;

  • Figurative langauge- metaphors, similies
  • Engaging language
  • Words that create powerful images

When writing to describe examiners prefer if your descriptive writing is secondary to another purpose of the piece. This means you have to try and find a deeper meaning to the question that you have been given. For example

  • Describing a lonely beach may have a purpose of an attempt to persuade the reader to consider the importance of peace in the busy world.
  • A description of a room might be used to inform the reader about the person who owns the room and not just the room itself.

 As well as this the deeper meaning should try to follow a theme. The theme should slowly emerge as the reader reflects on what has been written through layers of meaning created by metaphors, irony and symbolism. E.g:

  • a description of a landscape; this might have as its deeper meaning the wonders




Thankyou this is really helpfull:)

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