worship and celebration

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the five pillars

  • shahadah- declaration of faith to allah
  • salah- ritual prayer
  • zakah- complusory giving to the poor
  • sawm- fasting during ramadan
  • hajj- anual pilgrimage to makkah
  • all these things make someone a muslim

significance of shahadah

  • "i bear witness that there is no god but allah, i bear witness that muhammad is the prophet of allah"
  • saying that they believe in tawhid and risalah
  • they have submitted to islam to be apart of the ummah
  • important words because they must be the first thing a baby hears and the last thing a dying person hears

practic of salah prayer

  • can pray anywhere as long as you are giving full attention to allah
  • muslim must perform wudu which is a ritual washing to ensure they are pure when entering the mosque
  • must face the qiblah in prayer which is the direction of prayer
  • must face the mihrab as this is the kabah

significance of salah prayer

  • commanded in the qur'an
  • muhammad performed the salah prayer and is the perfect muslim
  • it strengths awareness of god
  • premotes the unity of the ummah as everyone is praying at the same time
  • shows submission to god as 5 times daily is hard
  • and wudu shows thar god cannot be approached in a normal way

practice of zakah and its relationship to the ummah

  • special charity that muslims have to pay to the poor
  • above 2.5%
  • used to help  the poor, orphans, widows and upkeep of schools and mosques

significance of zakah

  • zakah purifies wealth and gets rid of selfishness in the ummah
  • qur'an and 5 pillars instruct to give zakah so holds great importance
  • allah gave all wealth and sharing the wealth shows that muslims believe in the unity of the ummah
  • everyone is equal in eyes of allah so nobody deserves to be poor or rich
  • sadaqah is voluntary charity not compulsory like zakah

practice of sawm

  • during ramadan (9th month) muslims give up food, drink, sex and smoking during daylight hours to show devotion to allah
  • should read 1/13 of the qu'ran every night
  • it is broken by the id ul fitr…


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