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A rabbi is needed in a synagogue because he is a Jewish teacher who is an expert in the Torah and Talmud. If the Jewish community have any questions, he will be their first contact. He will lead or take part in all services and will read the Torah. He will give sermons and educate members of the congregation. A rabbi will lead marriage ceremonies and prepare a couple for marriage by reminding them of the mitzvot regarding married life, The Rabbi will run classes on the Torah and Hebrew for both adults and children. If there is no chazzan, the rabbi will lead all services and will be expected to take part in as many minyans as possible.

A chazzan leads the singing at weddings and funerals, and chants the prayers in service on Shabbat and other festivals. Music plays a significant role in Jewish services as instruments are not allowed on Shabbat.

Listening to rabbis is more important than reading the Torah as it symbolises when Moses told the jews of the Talmud on Mount. Sinai. It represents unity, and is a reminder of when the Torah was read in the Temple. It represents unity because all Jews can listen and pray together as a community. 

A Yeshiva is a college in which orthdox men, and progressive men and women, are trained for seven years to become a rabbi. They study the Torah and Talmud. 

The Beth Din is formed of three rabbis and form the court of Jewish law. They deal with the matters that Jewish people would prefer to deal with inside the community, such as the validation of divorce, conversions to Judaism and the Kosher certification of food.

The Shema is the most important prayer for Jews and should be the first and last prayer ever said.

The Shema is important because it represents the total devotion to God, and shows the commitment to bring up their children following the jewish faith as it is the first prayer a Jew should ever say or learn. The first line is an acknowledgement by the Jewish people that there is only one God and is phrased like a mitzvah 'You shall'. it tells Jews to recite the words, whether home or away, and to love God with all their heart, soul and might. 

The Shema reminds Jews that they must love God with their whole being 'heart, soul and might'. A mezuzah must be placed on the door post as a reminder each time that they walk through their doors ' home and away' This also teaches Jews to love God wherever they are. It reminds Jews to love God all throughout the day 'when you lie down and…


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