Why have a constitution?

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Why Have A Constitution?

Most countries have a codified constitution because of a large historical event such as war, political crisis or a declaration of independence. America’s reason for adopting a codified constitution is in 1787, was their declaration of independence from Britain, they felt the need to create a constitution that would be fair, just and protective of its citizens. France has had two different constitutions the reasons for this are 1. in 1791 the French Revolution which was the revolt against the monarchy and again in 1958 with the collapse of the French Fourth Republic, following the Algerian War, military revolt, and the failure of the French Parliament. In Germany their reason for having a codified constitution is their defeat in World War II and to avoid a recurrence of totalitarian style of government which was characterised by Nazi rule. In 1993 in Russia the national economic crisis between the President and


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