What were the main issues in the leadership struggle?

What was the type of leadership that the Bolsheviks ideally wanted? Why did they want this?

Didn't want one person running the party and the government

Favouring 'collective leadership' 

Didn't want it to continue how Lenin had been making all the executive desisions during the civil war

What was the type of leadership that the Bolsheviks feared could emerge? Why did they fear this type of leadership?

They feared dictatorship would emerge and take control 

Worried about losing unity within the party need the party to stick together to became good socialists

Didn't want a leader to cause divides between wings of the party, splitting into waring fractions

Which of the main contendors did they fear could become the undesirable type of leader? Why did they think this?

They feared Trotsky due to the power that he had being commander of the Red Army

They also feared his arrogent manner and conviction

Why did the communist party want Russia to industrialise?

Industrialisation is the key to creating a large class of proletarian…


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