Vivaldi's Basson Cocerto in Em

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Vivaldi's Basson Concerto

  • Written for the L'ospidale della pieta a school and orphanage for illegitimate girls of lords and high class people where Vivaldi worked
  • He wrote pieces for his students which would be performed for charity concerts or at the school often
  • This piece was obviously written for a virtuoso bassoon player
  • He was also called the red priest and wrote over 500 concertos.

This was written in Ritornello form with four Ritornellos and 3 solo episodes. 

 Ritornello is where the tutti orchestra play

 An Episode is where the soloist plays

Ritornello 1


Bars 1-13

Episode 1


Bars 13-25

Ritornello 2


Bars 24 - 28

Episode 2


Bars 28-38

Ritornello 3

 Am – B maj - Em

Bars 38 - 46

Episode 3


Bars 46-64

Ritornello 4



Key features of each section

Ritornello 1

·         In Em

·         States the first theme, an acciaccatura melody also known as a Scottish snap rhythm or Lombardic rhythm. The acciaccaturas are…




Thank you so much, this is really useful!

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