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  • There are many different reasons for Js death, however ...



  • From the beggining of the play violence is shown through capulet and.... when...


  • "Hang thee, young baggage! Disobediant wretch!"-Capulet
  • "But now i see this one is way to much"-Capulet
  • "Out on her, hilding!"-Capulet
  • "An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets."-Capulet
  • "But if you do, sir, I am for you. I serve a man as good as you."-Sampson


  • The noun 'bagggage' implies that .... disrespected, useless, nieve, unwanted
  • The words 'to much' show .... waste, unneeded, incapable
  • The word hilding infers .... death, threat, pain
  • The word die indicates .... careless, not bothered, selfish, shocked, unexpected, threat, order
  • The words 'I am for you' show .... volounteering, fight, acting tough


  • Calling her disobediant, worthless, useless, Saying capulet dosn't want to know who she is anymore
  • 'One child is to many' they should never have hade a child
  • Capulet is saying Juliet is a…


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