Verification Principle

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  • A.J. Ayer
  • Beleifs and concepts are investigated in an attempt to discover whether or not they are coherent, and whether there is evidence for or against them to indicate if they are true (verifiable) or false (unverifiable)
  • Some philosophers argue statements such as 'God exists' or 'God is love' are neither true nor false, but meaningless and we should only discuss statements which are meaningful
  • Wittgenstein raised the question of the meaning of language, and inspired debates across the world
  • Schlick and Comte held that theological interpretations of events and experiences belonged in the past, to an unenlightened time when 'God' was used as an explanation for anything that science had not yet completely mastered 
  • Comte said that the 'theological' era was replaced by the 'metaphysical', where concepts from philosophy were used as a replacement for


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