Typhoon Hiayan

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Typhoon Haiyan - local name Yolanda

Deaths = 6021

Injured = 28626

Missing = 1785

Homes destroyed = 1.1 million

Economic Cost = $13 billion

One of the strongest ever recorded typhoons to hit the Phillipines on the 8th November,2013

Classified super typhoon, category 4/5.

Typhoon Haiyan had the ideal conditions for a typhoon to form,an extremely low pressure system due to warm and deep water.

The system was intense and compact, moving quickly accross the region.

The fast movement had a reduced impact on the land, however due to the large number of islands with little land mass, the typhoon made 5 landfalls .

However, the speed of the typhoon contributed to its strength, in that the cold water ahead which would have reduced its energy was not stirred up and brought to the surface, therefore having litte affect.

Its compact form also meant that the eye wall was not replaced as it moved and therefore the high wind speeds maintained.


The worst hit region was the low lying region of Eastern Vivayas, which experienced flooding up to 1km inland.

The final death count was 6,021

All buildings that were not made from concrete where destroyed.

The main evacuation centre, the Tacloban city convention centre became a death trap, because the storm surge entered the area where people where sheltering .

There was no clean water, no electricity and no food.

Mobile network was lost and lack of new from survivors added to the stress.

Vehicles where over turned, and no fuel available made transport difficult.

A storm surge…


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