Triple Alliance and Triple Entente

Triple Alliance

.Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

.Signed in 1882

. In 1879 the German Chancellor (Equivalent to prime minister) Bismarck signed the Dual Alliance with Austria to strengthen Germay against France and Russia.

. Three years later, italy joined and it became the Triple Alliance. This was a defensive alliance with all three powers agreeing to support each other if one of them was attcked by two or more powers.

Triple Entente

1. Franco-Russian Dual Alliance of 1894

. Kaiser Wilhelm II had made it clear that he did not favour close relations with russia.

. Both France and Russia felt isolated in Europe

. France was still determined to get revenge on Germany for the defeat of 1871 and wanted to recover the provinces of Alsace-Lorraine.

. Russia was in need of a loan to develop her economy.

. The alliance was defensive, with both countries agreeing to support each other if attacked by Germany or Austria-Hungary.

2. Entente Cordiale of 1904 (France and Britain) Reasons for this were:

. Britain


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