Transport in plants (Xylem and phloem)

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Transport in plants

> Xylem moves water and soluble minerals up the xylem tissue.

> Sugars travel up and down the phloem tissue

Both of these tissues are specialised to carry out their function and unlike transport in animals a pump is not used.  Respiratory gases are also not carried by these vessels.

Vascular tissues

Vascular tissues are spread throughout the plant and the xylem and phloem are found in bundles, appropriately called vascular bundles.  These bundles also contain other types/sorts of cells which provide support and strength for the plant.

Xylem and phloem in the young root

In the young root, the vascular bundle is found in the centre of the root and in an X shape.  Phloem is found between the arms of the X.  It’s arranged in this form because it means the root can withstand the pulling forces that it is surrounded by and thus exposed to.  

Around this is endodermis and this is a special sheath of cells.  Just inside the endodermis is a…


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