Transport in Plants

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Xylem and Phloem

Why do plants need transport systems?

Plant cells need substances like water, minerals and sugars to live. They also need to remove waste substances. Plants are also multicellular so have a small surface:volume ratio. Plants could exchange substances by direct diffusion but that is too slow so plants need a system to move substances to cells quicker. 

Location of xylem and phloem tissues

Xylem tissue transport water and mineral ions up a plant's stem to the leaves. Phloem tissue transports dissolved substances, like sugars, up and down a plant. 


The xylem and phloem are in the centre to provide support for the root to push through soil.


The xylem and phloem are near the outside to provide scaffolding to reduce bending


Xylem and phloem make up a network of veins which support the thinness of the leaves. 

Adaptations of xylem vessels

  • No end walls on joint cells,


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