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Muhammad and his message

  • He was an orphan
  • He had two sons who died in childhood
  • He recieved Allahs words on mount Hira aged 40
  • Last prophet to be sent by God
  • He was a propeht for 23 years
  • Not born a prophet
  • Born in makkah

Muhammads message was to believe in the oneness of God. He made everything that existed. To believe all the prophets, believe in the Qu'ran as Gods word.


A poor citizen would believe Muhammads message as they needed a solution to their problems. A jew or christian would just ignore him as they already believe in a God and don't care about any other religion. A rich Quraysh merchant would attack him as they are rich and just want more power. Some people wouldn't believe him as they don't think that he was a messenger of God.

The Qu'ran

The muslims take the Qu'ran seriously as it's Gods word and if they didn't follow it they didn't believe in God. Also it teaches them how God was them to live. The Qu'ran takes an important place in a Muslims life as it's one of the ways to submit to Allah which shows you follow him. One example of how seriuosly they take the Qu'ran is that they havw to wash their hands before toching it and they have to keep it in a sensible room where no violence would take place etc.


Allah is the Muslims God and they treat him as the ultimate one. They treat him with tawhid. Tawhid is there word for God but it actually means that he is the ultimate one and no one is on his level and that no one understands what he looks like. So for example if you drew a picture of God you are wrong as you don't know what he looks like, sounds like, thinks like etc. Also no one makes statues of Mohammad as then you are putting Mohammad on the same level as God which is impossible. Shirk is where you put someone on the same level as God. For example all Muslims think that Christians are commiting shirk as they treat Jesus like a…


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