You reached the top! CEO, king of the castle, and master of your domain are all titles you hold.This implies, somehow, even more work.Use the resources below to improve your CEO life and remain successful.


Your time as CEO is valuable, so you need to be careful with it. RescueTime is the answer to your problems if you find yourself at the end of the day wondering where all your time went. You don't have the luxury of wasting time on insignificant tasks.

Installing RescueTime on your Windows or Mac desktop lets you keep track of everything you do on your computer. After that, it sorts your time intelligently into work and non-work hours by using user-defined (and some default) categories and compiling all of that data into reports that are simple to read. You can see where you are wasting your time by using these snapshots. Additionally, once you are aware, you will be able to manage the one resource more effectively.


Any industry's business relies heavily on accurate customer data collection. Your salespeople must be aware of their target market. Your support staff must comprehend the issues faced by your customers. Your marketing staff requires precise email signups.You can use 123ContactForm to collect all of this data accurately and efficiently.

You and your staff can create forms to collect almost any type of information, from simple text to payment information, using cloud-based, enterprise-class form building tools. The HIPPA-compliant tier of 123ContactForm is available to you if the industry in which you operate regulates the storage of…


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