The USA in the 1920s

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Republican Policies

  • Laissez Faire- not many rules or laws when it came to business and work e.g. no minimum wage 'Americas Business is Americas Buisness'
  • Tariffs- High tariffs on imported goods so American were more likely to but American Goods. Fordney Mcumber Tariff made imported goods expensive.
  • Low Taxation- if people had more money, they would invest it back into the economy
  • Trusts were allowed


During the 1920s the entertainment industry blossomed. Radio was popular, so was jazz, sports such as baseball were also popular. Sports players often endorsed products. Cinema became a popular past time. Hollywood was developing, movies were becoming a multi billion business.


Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, which meant more jobs. Ford realised to get people to want to work on an assembly line (which was very boring) you would have to pay them a good wage. People could buy things on credit…


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