The Stuarts 1603 - 1618: Failed Scottish Union




Why James Wanted A Union

  • Political reasons
    • Wanted a permanent 'Union of the Crowns' under one monarch
      • Wanted there to be one Kingdom
      • Would make his authority strengthen
    • Wanted one Parliament with one law
      • Felt that together, they would be stonger through political unity
      • By joining them, would be possibility for reform and improvement on government
  • Foreign policy reasons
    • Would boost his international status
      • Would have all the kingdoms under his rule
    • Self proclaimed 'Rex Pacificus' (peace loving king, wanted to end conflict in Europe)
      • Working towards this goal by bringing peace between two historically hostile nations
      • More security between Anglo-Scottish border
  • Religous reasons
    • Wanted unity within Churches of England and Scotland
      • English church protestant, Scottish one presbyterian
      • He was head of both churches, would be easier to govern them if the same
    • 'Divine Right of Kings'
      • God's messenger on Earth, so should join the two because of royal descent from both
      • Felt that God wanted a


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