The puzzle of Henry VI

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  • In Helen Castor's book 'She Wolves: 'The Women who ruled England before Elizabeth' she describes Henry VI as 'hapless; artless; innocent; malleable; vagueness; abstracted; unworldly' 
  • His portraits also reflect these adjectives as he appears simple and religious holding the sign of the cross and clasping his hands in prayer 
  • Professor Anne Curry suggests that when Henry visited France as a ten year old in 1431 his guardians were reluctant to let him be seen in public or make speaches in French
  • He was slow to learn and uninspiring
  • Henry also complained about noisy shouting in the streets-a rare thing to expect a child to do
  • The 1450 rebels argue that the cause of disaster was Suffolk and his followers
  • However, modern historians now argue that it was down to…


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