The Korean War 1950-3 important profiles

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  • highly competent US general
  • was a commander of the allied forces in the Pacific during WWII
  • supervised the occupation of Japan
  • wanted to 'roll back' communism in Korea and China
  • organised the Marine landings at Inchon which saved Korea from collapse
  • pro-use of nuclear weapons - wanted to bomb Korea into submission
  • dismissed by Truman in 1951
  • launched a campaign against Truman gaining support from McCarthy


  • took command in Korea while the allies were in tactical retreat
  • highly successful in turning around the moral of the Eighth Army by reorganising the command structure also sent out guidance commanders at all levels to spend more time at the front of the lines and less in their command posts at the rear
  • this had an immediate impact on morale
  • the US army made an aggressive stance to fighting protective, delaying actions. His second big tactical change was to make use of…


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