The Fischer Controversy

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Who was Fischer?

Fritz Fischer was a German historian. He wrote a book called 'Griff nach der Weltmacht' (or in English: 'Germany's aims in the First World War') in which he came to some 'sensational conclusions.'

What conclusions did Fischer draw?

Fischer drew the following conclusions from his observations:

  • Germany had gone to war in a bid to achieve world power
  • Germany hoped the 'blank cheque' given to Austria (1914) would result in war
  • The roots of German expansionist aims could be found in the social, economic and political tensions that existed pre 1914.

His evidence:

Fischer's evidence was based partially on a document that is now known as the 'September programme.' The document was written by Bethmann-Hollweg's secretary and outlines the Chancellor's plans for peace negotiations in the 'near future.'

What does this tell us?

  • To Fischer, these plans were a continuation of policy made before the outbreak of war.
  • The plans showed not just the




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