The Existence of God

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The Existence of God:

How do we prove things exist?

1.      Personal experience e.g. “I have seen it, so I know it exists”

2.      Reliable evidence e.g. there is strong material or trustworthy witnesses to know it happened

3.      Using a chain or reasoning to reach a conclusion (logic) e.g. it can be proved using logical reasons or calculations

a.      Rene Descartes – He reasoned that we are not perfect so cannot create ourselves, we cannot give ourselves the ability to think either if we are just fighting for survival. Therefore there must be something supernatural  that encourages (creates us) to think

How do we prove that God exists?

Theists believe God exists because:

·         They are certain that they have been in contact with God directly

·         They accept the accounts that other people have given of their experience of God as evidence that God exists

·         Believe that God is the only logical explanation for the origin of the universe and the order within it

Theist – believe God exists

Atheist – reject any belief in God, they do not believe there is sufficient evidence for him

Agnostic – believe that evidence provided by theists does not prove…


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