The effects of the 1905 revolution


The effects of the 1905 revolution

Political change via October Manifesto:

The 1905 revolution alarmed the Tsar and his officials. They began to see that if they didn't do something about the discontent in the country, revolution would continue and the autocracy would be in danger. 

Although the October Manifesto effectively had less of an effect on reforming the political system to what the liberals wanted, it was a step in the right direction.

Liberal gain via constitutional reform

Part of the October Manifesto was that the constitution would reform with the introduction of the state Duma. This meant that different groups od people in society could have a way of voicing their views freely which was a first for these groups.

The revolution highlighted the need for a land reform:

Linked to this, the peasants no longer had to pay their redemption fees which subdued and distracted the from…


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