The Disadvantages of Economic Growth

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The Disadvantages of Economic Growth

Economic growth does not come risk-free. Although our material progress can be measured in part by the growth of national output, income and spending, if the economy grows too quickly, it can bring about short and long-term problems.

Inflation risks: There is the danger of demand-pull and cost-push inflation if demand grows faster than long run productive potential High and rising inflation can be destabilizing for an economy because it puts pressure on interest rates to rise and can cause a loss of competitiveness for domestic businesses in international markets

The environment: Economic growth cannot be separated from its environmental impact. Fast growth of production and consumption can create negative externalities such as increased noise and air pollution and road congestion. Environmental damage can have a negative effect on our quality of life and limits our sustainable rate of growth. For example, road transport is responsible for 25% of UK CO2 emissions once emissions from fuel processing and vehicle manufacturing are taken into account.

Inequalities of income and wealth: Not all of the benefits of growth are evenly distributed. We can…




This is a concise piece which describes the problems of economic growth. The test yourself allows some interactivity.