The causes of the February revolution 1917


The causes of the february revolution of 1917

Impact of WW1

  • The Tsars role
    • He became commander of troops which lead to him being seen as responsible when they lost.
    • He left Rasputin and the Tsarina to lead Russia 
    • He was weak an incompetant
  • Military defeats
    • Because the Tsar was such a poor leader the military defeats were great:
      • Autom 1914 where 250,000 troops were killed
      • Counter attacks in 1916 failed which lead to 1million dead.
    • Low moral was caused by the defeats - troops suffered desertion
  • WW1 impact on conditions in Russia
    • Too many men were taken from the factories to fight which lead to:
      • 600 factorys closing
      • Limited supplies
    • 400% inflation money became worthless
    • The transport system failed which meant military recieved not enough equitement and weapons.
  • Tsarina and Rasputin
    • They were left in charge and were very unpopular
    • This was because of Rasputins's nature
      • womanizer, eyes of the devil, untrustworthy
    • They were


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