The Story Of A Great Company That Disappeared


The history of car brands is no less interesting than the history of the cars themselves. As a rule, their origins are the founding fathers. For each trademark, living people, most of the time, they gave to their companies. Enthusiasts to the core, fans of their business, they have forever inscribed their names in the names of cars. Surnames that everyone knows: Ford, Toyota, Porsche - car clans that have grown into corporations.

Until recently, Nissan Diesel was owned by the Japanese corporation Nissan. We can say that this department was fully responsible for the production of medium and heavy diesel trucks, buses, as well as chassis for special vehicles. According to TacomaTruck.Repair( specialists, the company's trucks had a very strong and reliable chassis. As well as maintenance of the chassis of these trucks was quite cheap.

Founded in 1935 as Nihon Diesel Industries, Ltd, the company produced licensed two-stroke diesel engines. In 1950, the name was changed to Minsei Diesel, and even then the company had its own advanced


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