The Prelude


The Prelude

Theme in the poem:


Nature's beauty

power of imagination

Leaving behind her still, on either side, small circles glitter idly in the moon, until they metled all into one track of sparkling light.

-This is a vivid, atmospheric description of light on water. The whole scene seems alive; the ‘circles of light’ are personifide, and glitter ‘idly’. The idea of a ‘track’ is apt, as the poet seems to be on some sort of spiritual or emotional journey.

-The lines progress smoothly, with seamless enjambment and, when read aloud, are flowing and elegant.

-The repetition of gentle ‘L’s creates a flowing effect which represents the gentle movement of the boat across the lake

-idly is an adverb showing natures beauty

-talk about the boat as if it is a female, his companion

i dipped my oars into the silent lake, and as i rose upon the stroke, my boat went heaving through the water like a swan.

-The poet was enjoying his rowing; ‘lustily’ here means energetically. ‘Like a swan’ suggests energy and grace. He is for the moment at ease, but this will be destroyed by the overwhelming experience that follows.

-The homophone ‘rose’ can be used to describe his movements, however a rose is also a flower that expresses love and is a symbol of balance (the beauty of…


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