The Alliances

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The Triple Alliance

Signed in 1882 - Defensive alliance with all three powers agreeing to support each other if one gets attacked by two or more powers. This alliance made Russia and France nervous because it made a large group of allies in central Europe. 

1879 - German Chancellor Bismarck signed Dual Alliance with Austria - Hungary to strengthen Germany against France & Russia. 

3 Years Later - Italy joined and the triple alliance was signed in 1882.

The Triple Entente

The Triple Entente was not a formal document signed by Britain, France and Russia it was just a collection of Ententes referred to as the Triple Entente.

The first of the three to be signed was the Franco-Russian Dual Alliance (the alliance was signed in 1894.) which was signed mostly because:

  • France and Russia felt isolateed in Europe.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II made it clear…


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