The murder of Kirov (1934)

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Robert Conquest argues that the murder of Kirov was a turning point in history, which not only unleashed terror that killed millions but also determined the future of Soviet Russia

The murder

  • Just after 4pm on December 1934, Kirov entered Party headquarters in Leningrad
  • He left his bodyguard downstairs and went upstairs alone, not noticing that the usual guards were absent
  • As Kirov passed the corridor, an assassin emerged from the shadows and shot him in the back of the neck

The assassin

  • Nikolayev, aged 30, was a nervous man with poor health who had joined the Communist Party in 1920 at 16
  • He was expelled in March 1934 for a breach of disicpline, but later reinstated
  • He had never been linked to the left opposition


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