The Mid-Tudor Crisis

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Is it fair to call this period a 'crisis' for the Tudors?

Edward VI 1547-53

Lady Jane Grey 1553 (9 day queen)

Mary I 1533-1558

Elizabeth I 1558-1603

Mary and Elizabeth are the first crowned Queens of England

None produce an heir

Elizabeth -> James Stewart (cousin)

Edward VI

  • Became King at 9 years old
  • Had Regency Council, a collection of leading nobles to help him rule.
    • Henry tried to make this contain a balance of reformers and traditionalists
  • Edward Seymour (Edward's uncle), Duke of Somerset, took control of the Regency Council. He was a strong Protestant

Elizabeth goes to live with Thomas Seymour and Catherine Parr

How had nobles struggles for control in the last few weeks of Henry's reign? (remember end of the Conservative faction and rise of the Reformist faction.)

  • Henry's decision not to appoint a chief minister after Wolsey and Cromwell encouraged the increased rivalry, as well as his poor health
  • 1540: Conservative councillors confident
    • Six Articles Act
    • Thomas Cromwell fell from power (greatest enemy)
    • Henry's new wife, Catherine Howard, was the niece of the Duke of Norfolk
  • 1541: Problems for Conservative councillors
    • Catherine soon


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