The manhunt A* analysis - Mr Bruff

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- This poem is in rhyming couplets 

The Manhunt 
- searching for someone 
- negative connotations 

After the first phase,
after passionate nights and intimate days,

These lines are quite misleading as it sems to be about a healthy and passionate relationship. This contradicts the title of the poem. 

only then would he let me trace
the frozen river which ran through his face,

frozen river; something unable to do what it is designed to do. Unable to function. Like a river that cannot flow. This reflects how the man may be feeling here. The literal injury is a scar across his face.

only then would he let me explore
the blown hinge of his lower jaw,

"only then" repetition and short verses shows the tiny amount of emotional progress the character is making. "hislower jaw" suggests his unable to talk to her so this reflects a brokness to their relationship along with his body. The hinge her reflects that the husband is unhinged (unpredictictable) or possbily unable to function. It is also possible that he cannot open up emotionally to his wife. Hinge is very ambigious here. 

and handle and hold 
the damaged, porcelain collar-bone,

"Porcelain" here could suggest the shoulder is very delicate ans empahsises that he has been easily broken both physically and mentally.

and mind and attend


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