The Febuary/March 1917 revolution

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Everything came to a head in Feb 1917 when starvation and desperation of the workers sparked a revolution.


-150,000 workers demonstrated in Petrograd on the anniversairy of Bloody Sunday.

-100,000 workers were on strike from 58 different factories and the Duma reassembled to demand the abdication of the Tsar.

-The news that bread would be rationed from 1st March brough widespread panic and violence in the bakery queues.

-20,000 workers from the Putilov works went on strike

-The march of women on international womens day was quickly dwelled by students and striking workers which meant there was 200,000 workers calling for bread and reform. The police struggled to put it down.

-The demonstrations grew worse with more people joining in and the calls for bread were replaced with calls for condemnation of the Tsar. All shops and restrauntes closed. The Cossacks for against the police to protect the protesters.

-Nicholas didn't realise the extent…


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