The Criticisms of the Analogy of the Cave

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According to Plato, the world around us that we all think is real, is actually not. It is an illusion of true reality, which is more reliable than the real world, it lies well beyond our experience. However, we may accept that, for example, we could be drawn in by a persons real physical appearance, but it is their personality that is more real and important. This isn't what Plato meant, it is just an example of a general criticism. He made the point that the visible world is an illusion, and the real, true reality in which we should devote our lives to is the world of the Forms. This argument is only as valid as the concept of forms on which it depends.

Plato believes that nobody who has discovered the Form of the Good and true knowledge would ever return to the world of the shadows. However, it can be argued that just because one knows truth doesn't mean that one…


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