The Bloody Chamber


Carter presents the narrative voice within The Bloody Chamber as a first person retrospective account from the protagonists point of view.The narrator within the tale is involved in dialogue with other characters such as her heroine mother and her newfound lover Jean Yves. The vast majority of the narrative is told as a monologue in that it is one speaker recalling the past events.The language type is primarily informal and in parts colloquial or slang. Featueres such as idioms and cliches are commonplace and atrribute to the narrator as a person of a young age as well as suplimenting the use of slang.

The stroy is told in chronological order about past events and how each unfolded. The point of view remains constant within the story as we only understand events from the narrators point of view.Exclamatives are used to highlight the emphasis of key eemnts as well *** conveying the narrators feeling of shock and horrror after the revelation of certain events.Imperitive details are revelaed to the reader by the narrator…


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