Stopping by Woods on Snowy Evening-Robert Frost

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poem illustrates qualities most characteristic of Frost, including attention to natural detail and the relationship between humans and nature.


1923, pace of social growth process of breaking out into rapid progression. New ways of looking at established ideas and challenge tradition. This sudden breakout pace of social change would naturally make people uncomfortable if they were used to slower times.


Traveller stops on journey by horseback to gaze at beauty of winter landscape, snow falling in woods with frozen lake nearby. Distanced from human dwelling, unscheduled stop, he realizes he has to return to his journey cause he has certain responsibilities to fulfill. Leave reluctantly. Tempted to stay but acknowledges pull of obligations and considerable distance traveled before they can rest for the night

Form and Structure:

Consists of four (almost) identically constructed stanzas. All lines are iambic, with four stressed syllables.

Within four lines of stanza, first,second,and fourth lines rhyme. Third line sets up rhymes for next stanza.

Exception to pattern comes in final stanza, third line rhymes with previous two and is repeated as the fourth line.

Iambic tetrameter.

Metrical patterns make poem sound musical. When line varies from established pattern, emphasizes important of that line.


Title reveals place, setting and theme. Pausing and reflecting to help us re-enter life with new understanding and sense of direction (




You have no idea how helpful this was, thank you 



A good basic covering of the key ideas and points of interest in the poem; provides a good starting point to add to and could be used to make links between the points that have been made.

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