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How would you ask a Spanish person what they are called and how old they are?

Como te llamas? + Cuantas anos tienes?

You are joining a gym in Zaragoza. You are asked "Cuando es tu cumpleaños?". What information are they asking you for?

When is your birthday?

Write a couple of sentences in Spanish, saying that you are 16 years old, have blue eyes and straight, light brown hair.

Tengo dieciseis años. Tengo los ojos azules y el pelo liso y castaño.

Translate Jon's parts of this conversation into Spanish:
Jon: Avenida de Concha Espina... How do you spell that?
Alberto: C-O-N-C-H-A     E-S-P-I-N-A 
Jon: Thank you very much, Sir.
Alberto: De nada.

Avenida de Concha Espina... Cõmo se escribe?
Muchas gracias

You overhear a Spanish couple having a conversation in a cafe. On of them says: "Tengo una hermana y dos hermanos. Se lammon Beatriz, Jesus y Manuel." What is she saying?

I have a sister and two brothers. There names are Beatriz, Jesus and Manuel. 

How would you say the following words in Spanish?
a) My stepfather
b) My aunt
c) My


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