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In this passage, what methods does Steinbeck use to present Slim? Refer closely to the passage in your answer.

The author, John Steinbeck portrays slim as the consummate Western man: insightful, dignified and charismatic. Slim's character is the most unique and well developed character throughout the novel. Slim gives the story some individuality as he is presented to be the leading man of the story even though he isn't the protagonist.

At first, Steinbeck introduces Slim in to the novel with,' A tall man stood in the doorway.' This is similarly done with Curley's wife however is contrasted by what this suggests due to the fact that Curley's wife stood in the door way to block sunlight to forewarn the darkness that she will bring to the novella whereas Slim is placed at the door way to contrast the darkness brought by her with light; indicating an element of hope. He does this before Slim actually says anything. This indicates he already has authority over the ranch before the reader gets a chance to hear his background information.  

Steinbeck uses positive imagery through language to describe him as the 'prince of the ranch’. This highlights his nobility on the ranch as well as being a symbol of justice and respect. He has a calming force in the novella whilst serving a rational voice in the midst of all the loneliness and chaos in the novella. Nevertheless Steinbeck describes how 'he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty'. The numerous references to royal imagery allows the reader to acknowledge the significance of Slim's character. Steinbeck portrays Slim as an ordinary gentleman at the time as he 'wore jeans and a denim jacket' which is the typical clothing worn by ranch workers at the ranch suggesting that Slim sees himself as equal to the ranch workers despite being given a high status; highlighting his modest nature. This allows the reader to feel a greater sense of respect towards him due to this.

When Slim is first introduced to George and Lennie he is said to have 'looked kindly' to them and he is described as speaking 'gently'. The use of these adverbs sum up Slim's nature




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