Sex and Gender with theorys

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What is sex identity?

Sex identity is defined the same way in all cultures, whereas gender identity can be different in different cultures.

Sex is a biological term; a child is either male or female. The male hormonw ia testosterone. The female hormone is oestrogen. The male chromosomes are XY, the female chromosomes are **.

Gender is a psychological term that refers to ideas about the expected attitudes and behaviour of males and females in a particular culture. The gender identity of a child can be identified from the way they act, dress and speak. 

Gender identity disorder describes people who have strong feelings of being born with the wrong gender. 

Psychodynamic theory

The psychodynamic theory was developed by Freud, and he said it happens in five stages. In the third stage, the phallic stage, which occours between the ages of three and five, the child unconsciously sexually desires the opposite-sex parent and is jelous of the same-sex parent.

In the phallic stage, a girl is unconsciously attracted to her farther and is jelous and


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