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Who were African Americans (AAs)?

African-Americans initially came to the USA after being shipped across the Atlantic on slave ships in the 17th/18th century. Here they became slaves of plantation owners harvesting sugar, tabacco and cotton (and others!). Eventually, after taking part in the civil war, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation aboloishing slavery. But as soon as this proclamation came through, African Americans didn't suddenly become welcomed into society to live amongst whites as equals- no,they were discriminated against and treated as lesser people. Here is an insight to this maltreatment which finally lead to the Civil rights act....

Where was segregation applied?

Segragation existed in the southern states and was legalised by the Jim Crow laws. It existed more or less everywhere but here are an example of public places where the line between black and white was very much emphasised:

  • Buses
  • cinemas
  • neighbourhoods
  • libraries




i found theses revision notes very detailed and relevant to my GCSE History as we just covered that last lesson.

Frankie Baldwin


Thank you very much, Joe :)

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