Snaith// Sample answer for 10 marker Language Reading


Early on in the text, the use of the adjective "abandoned" implies that no one is there to stop the family, this creates a fearful atmosphere, which is serious as the fire will spread. In addition to this the writers use of repetition of the adjective "hotter" implies that the fire will continue to grow and burn, as though it will get wors as time continues, which is serious as it will continue burning.

Also the use of the onomatopaeic verb "sizzle" implies that the fire will be scorching hot, to the extent that it can burn skin, this is serious as it could kill the family. Later on the writers use of verbs creates the effect that the fire is serious as when it says "stretched" and "reached" implies that the fire is waking uo and is ready to do something. The writers use of personification clearly implies that the fire can almost walk about the, signifying the speed in which the fire can grow and


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